Hi! I'm Patrick, I work in the tech industry,
I get to work with amazing people and technology all around the world every day.

I have developed software for over 13 years, I am currently researching and professionally interested in #CyberSecurity, #AI,
#Blockchain and Internet of Things ( #IoT ). I get to work with emerging technoloy and like minded people on some cool projects, some of which impact many people on a daily basis.


These are some of the projects I have worked on, some of the projects are live and some have been retired.
This website does not list any commerical projects that I would have worked on while employed for a company thus does not show all my work.

IOTA Security Services


Search IOTA

The World Crypto Currency Bank

Ethereum Security Services

Blockchain Technology Holdings

Crypto Currency Ltd

Satoshis Exchange

British Bitcoin Exchange

Irish Bitcoin Exchange

Ethical Hacking Accelerator

Blacklisted Bitcoins

Biometric Advertising

Captain Barry Sadler

About Me

Hack or be hacked! .


The best way to contact me is by Email